Grading System for Secondary Education Result Bangladesh

This Grading system and calculation for the following courses of Bangladesh.

General Education Board:

  • HSC
  • SSC
  • JSC
  • PSC

Madrasah Education Board:

  • Alim
  • Dakhil
  • JDC
  • Ebtedayee

Technical Education Board:

  • SSC Vocational
  • HSC Vocational
  • HSC BM

What is the Grading System?

Bangladesh Education result is calculated by GPA. GPA stands for Grade Point Average. Grade point has a different scale. Secondary Education results are calculated on the scale of GPA 5.00 and Higher Education Degree Result are calculated on the scale of  4.00 and its called as CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). Some Bangladeshi Private University has different grading calculation system. Here I described Academic Grading system in Education. You can calculate your GPA via following table and calculating method.

grading system

GPA and Grading System

Garding Point and Grades depend on Marks Range. Every Exams Mark Range is 100. Many subjects contain practical and multiple choices exams but all of these are distributed from total mark 100. So Student can get their  Exam Mark range is 0-100, Grae Point 0.00-5.00 and Grade Mark are alphabetic. Hope you know about Academic Grading of Bangladesh education system. Following table contains the mark range, grade point, and Grade.

Marks RangeGrade PointsGrade
80 – 1005.00A+
70 – 794.00A
60 – 693.50A-
50 – 593.00B
40 – 492.00C
33 – 391.00D
0 – 320.00F

This Grading system is effective for following Educational courses of Bangladesh:

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How to calculate GPA?

Here, Is a Sample Grade Point Making System of an SSC Examine 2018, with his/her Subject-Wise Grade/Point. In the Sample Copy. You can change your point by own. But follow the example of the Grade Point calculating system.

Subject CodeSubject NameGradePoint
131COMPUTER STUDIES (Optional)A+5.00

Total Point: (5.00+5.00+5.00+4.00+4.00+5.00+4.00+4.00+5.00) = 41.00-2.00 (For Optional Subject) = 39.00

So, Grade Point Average (GPA) = 39.00/8= 4.875 or, 4.88

Note: You need to Exclude 2.0 Point from your optional/4th subject. Subjects depend on your course. Different courses are different subject but the calculating method is the same as the example. You can change the value by own.

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