Honours 1st Year Application Module and Usage

National University Honours Admission Guide

Here I am describing NU Honours admission application process of Honours 1st year. The student needs to compete for 5 step one after one. In every step, the student needs basic educational information. I will describe all information and their input method step by step. 5 Steps are following.

Application Module and its Usage

Step 1

You will first see a page like an image below to enter a specific website and a specific web page.

Honours Admission Guideline

Step 2

Then click on the next button with the information of SSC and HSC. If the information is correct and there is a minimum qualification for application, then the next information will be shown. It will show all its information here Name Father’s name Mother’s name Sex date of birth and other information will show that if all information is correct, then click on next button. If there is any information wrong there can be changed but you will have to take responsibility for it and if any changed information is proved wrong If it is, then it will be his liability.

Full Guideline Honours_Page_02

Step 3

Then, in the third step, the student can choose his college and subjects according to the eligibility of the college name and the subject will be displayed, the student will be able to determine his college and subject. First, select the college and then the subjects of that college will be displayed, and from there the particular topic can be selected, the selected list will be removed, the student will be able to pick up to 15 subjects. Then click next button.

Full Guideline Honours_Page_03

Step 4

In fourth step select quota. If you have any quota select yes and select your quota. If you don’t have any quota simply select no and click next button.

Full Guideline Honours_Page_04

Step 5

In the step no 5 and its last step have attached image and phone number. Image size is 120*150 pixel and image format is jpg. Image file size is maxed 50 KB. Enter a personal phone number for future contact purpose.

Final Words

If you have any problem with these step you may contact by the official phone number that was shown on the display.


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