NU Honours 2nd Year Rescrutiny Result 2016

Today we are discussing Honours 2nd Year Rescrutiny Result. Students have applied for re-reviewing the results The list of re-evaluation of the results has been published. The National University authorities reviewed the results of the 2016 Honours 2nd Year Rescrutiny Result examination, published on December 4, 2017, published the National University’s 2016 Honors Second Year Examination results published on July 9, 2017, not receiving desired results. The appeal of the application to apply online is the result of its review of the application will be published.


Download Rescrutiny Result


Application Deadline

Apply online for 12 to 7- 20-17, from 10am to 3-8 -2017. Applying up to four in the afternoon, the application fee of 3-8-2017 will be deposited in the banks upto 4pm.

Application fee

Per Course 800/= Taka

Application Process

Go to this link to be filled in the application form within the stipulated time, then it will be necessary to download the payslip and the amount of money written in the relevant account number will be written and the receipt will be collected in the next working day of any Shonali bank branch nearest.  payslip related account number 0218100000135.


Before completing the application form before and after the scheduled time, pay slip can be downloaded and not deposited. There may be problems if you deposit money in other forms of the bank. So do not forget to do this.


Results of the Honours 2nd Year Rescrutiny Result  2016 of the National University will be published, the result will be known from the website of the National University, the university authorities will publish the results and the results of the review will be available from You can download it directly from our website. National university After publishing the results of the results, we can increase the result and you can download and also publish or publish the relevant result of the relevant college or the relevant college’s complaint, within one month, any request will be not taken by the National University.

Download Rescrutiny Result

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