National University Registration for the Masters (Private) Program in 2016

Today we will discuss the registration of the National University Masters Private Program in 2016. The 2016 Masters Private Program Registration will begin on December 10 and the registration will continue 18-12- 2017.

Registration will be completed by 18-12-2017 till 12 o’clock in the same period. By completing the online application form from 11-12 2017 to 19-12 2017 by the date of the application fee of three hundred Taka. Registration fees up to eight hundred Taka and the total amount of  1100 Taka.  Application form graduation or master’s first phase regular The attested copies of the registration and valid registration form of the registration form will be submitted to the concerned college.


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Application qualification

  1. Students from the National University can apply for registration in the Master’s Private Program in 2016, in the four-year graduate honors examination from the National University.
  2. The National University will be able to apply for the registration of the program from the first year of the one-year Master’s program, from the first year of regular and private examination.
  3. Subject to the eligibility of the application, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh can apply for the permission. From its relevant departments and apply for a certificate of good conduct, in relation to the application, in prison.
  4. Members of the Bangladesh Defense Force will be able to apply in the order of permission of the appropriate authorities, subject to the necessary qualifications.
  5. The Master’s Past Postgraduate from the National University passes the regular or private exam. Or any of the registered or registered students of the program cannot apply to the Master’s Program in 2016. If any candidate participates in the admission process, the National University authority reserves the right to cancel his admission.


Registration for the Masters Notice

Registration for the Masters Registration for the MastersRegistration for the Masters

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